I started training my dog, Rocky, with Barb when I was only 11. I am now 15, and he has improved so much in the last 4 years. Every time I had to teach Rocky a new command for my 4-H Dog Obedience project, Barb would put me on the right path and would help me work out the kinks. Besides the basic tricks, like sit, stay and come, Barb has also helped me teach my dog more advanced commands like: drop on recall, heel off leash, and even how to retrieve a dumbbell over a jump. Barb’s grooming techniques are also very impressive and make my dogs look amazing. I can always count on her to be there for me and both my dogs no matter what the issue. I don’t know where I’d be without her and her excellent dog training. Thank you so much Barb, you have gone above and beyond what anyone would expect from a dog trainer..

Barb has been very kind with our puppy and patient with us. We have her board Harley when we are out of town, and she grooms him while we are gone. Barb has shown us that dogs will respond when shown that you are the one in charge. We thank her for helping us have a well-mannered house pet.

We got our beagle “Ray” from the shelter. We were having behavior issues, and he was afraid of the crate. Barb came to our house and taught us how to train him and make his crate a safe place. We also took her “puppy” class. He now will sit, wait, lay down and kennel up. He is wonderful out in public and loves to go to my son’s baseball games. Thank you, Barb for helping us so we can enjoy our dog

Dog Logic is the logical choice in dog training; from puppies to older adult dogs. The training of my Dachshund was amazing, and he can really be a part of the family with his good manners that he learned. Check it out, and I recommend a private session to have your animal assessed to his/her own abilities. Well worth my money!

I met Barb about 4 years ago while at a 4-H meeting with my daughter. We were introduced to a whole new level of dog training that we didn’t know was possible. All the struggles my daughter was having with her dog didn’t seem to be a challenge to Barb. Barb always had a unique way to approach each situation. Not only does she have a fresh new way of looking at training, she is cheerful and encouraging even though her students don’t always follow through on their end. Barb genuinely cares about her students and their dogs. You will have a hard time finding any one as knowledgeable and hardworking as Barb.

Barb is an amazing trainer and shows so much enthusiasm for what she does! My 5 month old Westie just finished his 3rd puppy class with her and can already sit, lay down, stay, touch, etc. I am ever amazed with how quickly he has picked up new behaviors. Barb also teaches and shows us grooming techniques, and I am absolutely sold on her dremel tool method; I have not had puppy scratches on me since we began, and my dog stays calm and practically falls asleep while getting his nails groomed. If you have a new puppy, or even an older dog with problems, I am confident that Barb can show any willing owner the right steps to a better doggie good citizen.

Barb went way above and beyond what my husband and I could have expected with our two year-old Cairn Terrier. From the moment we got her, we had trouble with resource guarding. We took her to two other dog trainers and spent numerous hours and a lot of money trying to rehabilitate her. It was to the point where we were going to give her back to the breeder who would probably have left her in a kennel. Barb worked with us, and then took the dog and rehabilitated her which we would never have believed could be done. Barb found her a new home where she is thriving with her new family. We are so thankful that she was there when we felt like we had nowhere else to turn.