Off To School – on-site group classes
Group classes consist of puppies and adult dogs and provide basic to advanced skills in a structured environment. The class dynamic also provides the perfect platform for positive socialization for all dogs. Classes offered include:

  • Basics
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Backyard Agility
  • Tricks

All classes are once per week for four weeks. Each class builds on the last, and the curriculum is developed to establish consistency by reinforcing learned behavior and expanding skills each week. This builds both dog and owner confidence and sets a good foundation for long-term success. Clients are encouraged to attend all classes in their session as there are no make-ups and no refunds for missed classes.

All classes are closed to clients and their dogs only. Prospective students are welcome to audit the first 20 minutes of a class to get an overall picture of what to expect. Out of courtesy and respect for class students, only a select few classes will be open for this purpose. Dates, times and availability for audit are determined by DLWB and released by individual request. Audit is for people only; no dogs please.

Home School – Individual home training
There are many benefits to working with a dog in their home environment. Whether the situation includes multiple dogs, fear and anxiety, behavioral issues, focus or simply privacy, in home training provides benefits far above the class environment. Clients see results quicker and are more effective at reinforcing training techniques. Equally, dogs learn more clearly what their people want them to do and what is appropriate behavior. Sometimes the dynamic of the environment plays a role in behavior. Often, a dog’s issues take place at home, so what better place to address the issues than in the environment in which they occur.

All home training packages include a presentation and packet of information including helpful handouts, tips, exercises and ongoing “homework” to reinforce learned skills and encourage long-term success.

Boarding School – Boarded training (includes rehabilitative)
Boarded training is a great option, specifically for adult dogs who have either come from a shelter or have long-term behavioral issues. Often, these dogs need re-parenting; a focused 24/7 program that redirects, reshapes and reforms a dog’s behavior. Boarded training means just that. The dog stays with the trainer and is in continual training through the duration of the program. This often means that the dog is literally attached to the trainer by a tether and every situation throughout the day becomes a training opportunity.

There are four Boarding School Options:

  • Three Day Camp
  • Five Day Camp
  • Seven Day Camp
  • 14 Day Camp

Phone Consultation
For clients or prospective clients who may need some direction or help with an issue, Barb provides phone consultations. Set by appointment, Barb spends as much time as the client needs.

Barb has clients all over the country, and she has tailored programs for long distance clients that are both easy to implement and achieve measurable results.

To schedule a phone consultation, clients need only email their name, name of the dog and a brief description of the topic of discussion.

The Academy
Dog Logic with Barbara’s facility is located in Wooster, Ohio near the College of Wooster. All on-site work takes place here.

Barb travels within a 50 mile radius for home training, speaking engagements and seminars. Travel outside this area requires client paid travel expenses and lodging. Standard government rates for mileage apply. Lodging stipend will be based on geographic area and may be expected to vary from $90 – $140 per night.