Specialty Services

Spa Day
Some dogs love to be groomed while others are fearful. For Barbara’s training clients, she offers a spa day. An entire day is dedicated to cleaning, detangling, trimming, nail filing, teeth brightening and de-shedding your dog. This is especially beneficial for those whose dogs are fearful of any type of grooming. Barbara’s signature nail filing will help your dog overcome their fear of trimming and clipping. By appointment.

Archetypal Consulting
This unique dog/owner analysis bring a dynamic level of “detective work” to solve why your dog’s behavior may seem puzzling. The consultation focuses on the dog, the owner and the relationship between the two in order to enhance and improve communication and understanding.
Archetypal consulting also is available for people. A full analysis takes at least a few hours and can provide valuable insight into your current state of being, possible barriers to success/happiness as well as provide direction to creating and fulfilling the life you want. Appointments necessary.

Energy Work
Using the archetypal platform, Barb can work on your dog energetically, either in person or long distance. Her gift of intuition coupled with energetic focus gives her the ability to “tune in” to your dog, listen and address their individual needs.
Barbara is now expanding her life’s work to include a variety of animals. If you own a cat, dog, horse or any beloved animal, you will find that Barbara’s passion for helping is just what you need to help you better understand and communicate with your pet.

Phone Consultation
For clients or prospective clients who may need some direction or help with an issue, Barb provides phone consultations. Set by appointment, Barb spends as much time as the client needs.

Barb has clients all over the country, and she has tailored programs for long distance clients that are both easy to implement and achieve measurable results.

To schedule a phone consultation, clients need only email their name, name of the dog and a brief description of the topic of discussion.